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Coco Martin accepts Matteo Guidicelli’s apology

Titilaok Oct 09,2011 1 Comment

Matteo and Coco in a brawl over Maja Salvador

If you’ve been following the Pinoy showbiz newswire over the past month, you’ve most probably heard about the reported brawl at the ABS-CBN Star Magic Ball last September 3 involving character actor Coco Martin and newcomer Matteo Guidicelli, the rumored boyfriend of Maja Salvador.

In the reported incident, Matteo was the one who started the fight, choking Coco Martin at the Salon de Ning of the Manila Peninsula Hotel after seeing the two allegedly kissing each other. Coco then retaliated and punched Matteo on the face, causing it to bleed.

After much onscreen publicity on the incident, it boiled down to Matteo finally expressing he is sorry about what happened to the bosses of ABS-CBN, and during his guest appearance at noontime show Happy, Yipee, Yehey.

Coco knew about the apology, and expressed that he willingly accepts this and is open to having a discussion on the issue to patch things up. While he also said he doesn’t hold any grudges against Matteo and he completely understands where he is coming from, Coco admits he has not spoken to Matteo face to face since after the incident.

“Nagka-usap, hindi pa. Naghihintay lang ako ng tamang panahon para makapag-usap. Sabi ko nga, siguro one of these days, pag nagkasalubong kami sa ABS-CBN,” says Coco.

“Isang maliit na hindi pagkakaintindihan. Saka nag-sorry na naman siya, siguro yun na yung… nagbukas ng pinto para magkaayos kaming dalawa. I’m sure magkakasalubong kami ni Matteo at isang araw pagtatawanan na lang namin ito. I look forward na maayos na talaga ito at sincere kami sa isa’t-isa na matapos agad ito,” ang sabi ni Coco.”

The award-winning actor also shared that Star Magic head Johnny Manahan and executive Mariole Alberto have already talked to both him and Matteo aiming to patch things about between the two. “Actually si Mr. M and si Ms. Mariole, kinausap na kami para maayos na. Siyempre alam mo naman sa ABS, ayaw ng kahit na anong gulo.”

“Ako, humahanap lang ako ng tamang panahon. Saka siguro busy kami sa kanya-kanyang trabaho, tapos siyempre, nagpapakiramdaman pa. Sabi ko nga, ayoko na padaanin pa sa TV para mas sincere at totoo,” Coco adds.


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