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The Barretto Family Feud: Which is Which?

Titilaok May 12,2013 0 Comments

The feuding Barrettos

WORDS BY: Joan Lopez- Flores

By the time you read this there would have already been more layers added to this controversial Barretto family feud—first between sisters Gretchen, Marjorie and Claudine, then next involving their mother, Estrella “Inday,” and finally the most recent ones to speak up, Jay-jay and their Boston-based sister Gia. It would be a challenge to keep up, but here’s what we have on this issue so far:
•   In an interview around the first week of April, and shortly following the release of the Inside Showbiz April 2013 issue featuring Gretchen Barretto and her niece, Julia Barretto (daughter of Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla), aunt Gretchen expressed support for her niece Julia entering showbiz and being the “next big Barretto.”
•   At around the same time, Gretchen also expressed albeit indirectly that Claudine will block Julia’s entry into Star Magic.
•   Happening around this same period was Raymart Santiago allegedly leaving his conjugal home in Loyola Grand Villas in Quezon City with wife Claudine Barretto. While Raymart was evasive about the issue, what triggered the spread of rumors were Gretchen’s and Marjorie’s social media posts that alluded to their sister Claudine. Gretchen was quoted: “Your husband walked out on you coz (sic) of your violent ways. What exactly did you do to his Porsche? His laptop? …Oh please reflect and go to your happy place, Medical City.”
•   Showbiz insiders considered such a statement as supporting assertions about Claudine’s rumored violent tendencies and manic-depressive condition. A blind item in the past made it seem as though Claudine regularly goes to a popular hospital for the treatment of her depression supposed to be caused by her dwindling showbiz career.
•   Marjorie Barretto then revealed through her Twitter posts that Claudine threatened to ruin her niece Julia Barretto’s entry into Star Magic, the talent center of ABS-CBN that used to manage Claudine’s career. According to Marjorie, Claudine claimed she was and remains the only “Teleserye Princess” of ABS-CBN ‘until eternity.’ To this tweet, Gretchen added how sorry she feels that Claudine is alone now because of her ‘evil ways.’
•   On April 24, the Barretto siblings’ mother, Estrella “Inday” Barretto went on “resbak” mode in defense of Claudine and wrote an open letter addressed to Gretchen. In summary,  Inday in the letter called Gretchen a “liar” for calling Claudine evil when in fact she was the evil daughter (even asking, “who do you think Claudine is, the evil queen of Bhutan?”), referred to her as “ST Queen” and divulged to the public how Gretchen has always disowned her family and caused wars. She told her to “Stop it naaaaa!” and altogether asked her to “stay away” from their family.
•   The next day, JJ, Inday’s son known to be “in the employ” of Gretchen, spoke in defense of the latter and claimed that Claudine has been provoking Gretchen for so long. He also dropped hints that Claudine “needs treatment” and “rehab” for her depressive, violent behavior.
•   As of this writing, their elder sister Gia Barretto who resides in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, has sent a letter to their mother Inday via iPhone telling their sister Gretchen that “we don’t want you, too.” She even adds, “Just totally disappear from our lives without leaving a trail of vile and misery.”

Thus the Barretto saga continues! We don’t know how this tale of family issues, hatred, name-calling and betrayal will end, and whether or not this is a publicity stunt to either (a) revive Claudine’s sleeping showbiz career or (b) ensure the entry of their latest manok Julia Barretto getting noticed. But we’ll keep our eyes and ears open, for sure. For some reason everyone’s always been interested in the mala-teleserye episodes of the Barrettos, and with the growing number of celebs in the family, we’re almost sure they’re going to be on the news for quite a while.


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