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Back when the Pinoy Christmas was all about Carnivals

Titilaok Dec 01,2013 0 Comments

Words by: Ana Camille M. Suico

Paskong Pasiklab

Paskong Pasiklab

It’s Christmas season yet again for the year 2013 and one can’t help but feel excited to celebrate this merry holiday, both young and old, because it really is the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas lights are put up everywhere, holiday carols are sung and played, bazaars of every kind are put up, and everyone’s picking out the perfect Christmas gift for their loved ones.

This holiday never fails to take everyone back to when they were kids, just all giddy and eager to celebrate the holiday cheer. One can’t help but feel nostalgic of how Christmas was celebrated back in the day in Manila. Back when the Christmas air was filled with a lot of carnival celebrations, Christmas displays, and holiday merriment. So let me take you back on a joyous ride of how Christmas was like in the early 2000s!

Some of these may seem familiar to the ears, such as Boom Na Boom, Big Bang in Alabang, Payanig sa Pasig, and Paskong Pasiklab, just to name a few. These were some of the favorite family destinations during the Yuletide season back in the day; adding a mix of entertainment fares and attractions to the Filipinos’ much loved holiday of the year. With more than enough roller coaster rides and carnival amusement to go around, these peryas were basically a child’s paradise. Aside from the above mentioned attractions, there were also a variety of food stalls, refreshment booths, and bazaars scattered all around the venue enough to entertain everyone all throughout the holiday season.

Boom Na Boom’s director general said that “Christmas is never complete without a carnival… It is already part of the Filipino culture, a major part of every feast that we celebrate.” These festivities would go on for as long as two months, having non-stop energy, filled with colors and never-ending fun! From late in the afternoon til night time, these carnivals would take on a life all on their own, having both traditional and modern attractions and plenty of Christmas food to go around.

Many of the signature rides such as Giant Slide (Big Bang sa Alabang), Crazy Carpet (Boom Na Boom), Boomerang Roller Coaster (Boom Na Boom), were one of the biggest crowd favorites of the Filipino community just to spice up their holiday screams (I mean, cheers). Partnered with these dare devil rides would be some horror houses, parlor game booths, fortune tellers, and the worldwide famous carousel that overlooks the entire Metro Manila glistening with Christmas lights everywhere. One can’t help but feel the Christmas spirit even more so when spending a day in any of these carnivals. At the end of an adventure filled day, experiencing these peryas and everything they have to offer, most of these carnivals even have a fireworks display to top off a very magical Christmas experience.

Throughout the years, we can see how the Christmas celebration in Manila has evolved and many have shifted their traditional carnival celebrations to out of town trips, more Christmas shopping in bazaars, Pinoy Christmas food hopping, and Christmas light displays, like the very famous Ayala Triangle Lights Show currently ongoing in the heart of Makati. But many of the Filipinos still get nostalgic of those days when so much excitement and fun-filled Christmas celebrations were spent in these colorful carnivals that seemed to go on forever. Memories and experiences that would always make a Pinoy laugh, enthused and amazed in wonderment from these magical places that could contribute to the holiday cheer.


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