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First Lady Contenders Part I

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One of them will become the next Presidential Spouse. But in a country that has seen a history of First Ladies (and a First Gentleman) stepping into a role that brought the country at its best and worst, will the shoe fit?

As the May 2010 Philippine elections draws closer, we find ourselves probing more and more into even the petty character details of our presidentiables, and quite understandably. So much though that things get sensationalized into issues like Noynoy Aquino’s alleged psychological problems, Gibo’s pro-Gloria platforms and Villar’s never-ending graft accusations and evasion of such, to name just a few.

So we thought, why not look at Philippine politics from another angle: the most important women in the lives of these presidentiables. Don’t they always say that behind every man’s success (or downfall) is a woman? Plus, considering past events that shaped the nation, one can’t argue that the presidential spouse has a lot to do with how the Chief of Command runs the country.

Recent polls have it that the top four presidentiables are Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar, Gibo Teodoro and Joseph Estrada, and we’ve put together profiles of their “significant others” for you to check out. Come to think of it, it’s interesting how these personalities add color to a future presidency.

Rep. Monica Louise “Nikki” Prieto-Teodoro
Wife of Gibo Teodoro, LAKAS-KAMPI CMD Presidential Candidate

To residents in the province of Tarlac, she’s the tall and svelte Congresswoman known to be a staunch advocate of children’s rights. To others, she’s the familiar face of Pantene Shampoo’s circa-‘90s commercials.

While her beauty demands attention, Nikki, as fondly called by friends, is often described as elusive by media reporters. Not to mean of course that she has any less to say; the graduate of Switzerland’s Webster University who even pursued further studies in the US perhaps would rather talk about other things than petty matters.

Among the few who have openly spoken about her is designer Rajo Laurel, who has been making evening gowns and ternos for the congresswoman for many years; he also happens to be the great grandson of war-time President Jose P. Laurel. “Once you get to know her, she has a lot to offer. Her mind and heart are in the right place. She seriously wants to serve the country,” says Laurel of Teodoro.

He added that the country is in need of a first lady that will inspire the nation. His great-grandmother, Pacencia Hidalgo Laurel was known for her frugality and quiet style, as evidenced by her surviving photos.

As for his client, Laurel added, “It’s not a beauty contest; it’s more than that. But if ever, what a beautiful first lady!”
More facts on Nikki Teodoro:

• Initiated the creation of and also the current Chairperson of the Committee on the Welfare of Children in the 14th Congress, created in February 2008

• Currently the Vice-Chairperson of the House Committee on Population and Family Relations

• Sponsors House Bills 682, 683 and 684. These bills, in brief, address the issues of corporal punishment, child exploitation and child pornography

• Filed 15 other bills on infrastructure development and establishment of national high schools in Tarlac; co-sponsored 70 other bills

• Co-authored other bills concerning street children, child adoption, day care workers, Special Education Centers, foster care, gifted children and science-oriented youth, pregnancy care, infant protection and baby-switching prevention, and mandatory Hepa B immunization, among others

• Member of the House Committees on Women and Gender Equality; Social Services; Ethics and Privileges; Public Information; Foreign Affairs; Inter-Parliamentary Relations and Diplomacy; and Appropriations

• Was Vice-Chairperson of the Congressional Spouses Foundation, Inc. during Gibo’s stint as congressman of Tarlac

• A former equestrienne and is a PADI certified scuba diver


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