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Food for the Heart

Titilaok Feb 03,2013 0 Comments

Words by: Nicole Raymundo

We may not be aware about it, but most of the food that we eat contain preservatives that are not good for our health. Majority of our favorite snacks are ultra delicious but also dangerous to our well being if not consumed in moderation. Because of the increasing awareness of the public on shifting towards a healthier lifestyle, healthy diets and wellness programs are being promoted here and there. If you are a food lover, you may feel restrained if your doctor tells you that you need to eat mostly eat veggies and fruits. They’re healthy, yes, but admit it, they are not as mouth-watering as your top of the list sweets and fatty foods. Good news for you: there are a several heart healthy foods that are as tasty as your sinful desserts. Review this list, indulge and keep your heart healthy!

Yogurt is a good substitute for your usual desserts. Medical research shows that consuming cups of yogurt can help protect you from gum disease that if left untreated can turn into heart disease. Japanese medical practitioners discovered that adults who eat high levels of dairy products specifically yogurt and yogurt drinks had the healthiest gums. These people are less susceptible to develop any heart ailment. Research shows that the primary ingredient in yogurt, the probiotics, also dubbed as the “good bacteria” keeps gums healthy. Probiotics are known to counter the growth and development of bad bacteria in the mouth. Healthy gums lessen one’s risk of developing cardio vascular illness. So when you do your grocery, make sure to get a couple of cups or pints of flavoured yogurt for your taste buds and heart.

Salmon or Tuna

When you dine out, order smoked or grilled salmon, or anything with salmon. This type of fish contains omega-3 fats which lower levels of triglycerides in the blood stream which can aggravate blood clotting. Eating meals with salmon lowers your risk of having coronary heart disease over the long term according to medical experts. Tuna is another fish that is heart-friendly yet very delicious. You can cook it in various ways and get your palates satisfied and your heart steady. Try eating salad greens, fresh fruits with tuna or salmon and you will never be left unsatisfied. There are various ways of cooking these types of seafood, making them a good choice for your special dining experience.

Dark Chocolate

Who said that chocolate is a no-no if you want to keep your heart healthy? Researchers have discovered that eating moderate amounts of flavanol-rich dark chocolate has a blood-thinning effect, which can benefit cardiovascular health. Another good things is that this food help intensify your immune system by reducing inflammation. Aside from dark chocolate bars, you can also try to come up with drinks rich in cocoa which is rich in flavanols, helping preserve the healthy function of your blood vessels. Healthy blood vessels lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, and kidney disease.


Next time you watch a movie, don’t forget to grab a bag of popcorn. This snack contains antioxidants called polyphenols which are linked to improved heart health. Research shows that popcorn contains three times more polyphenols than kidney beans and four times than cranberries. People who eat plenty of whole grain tend to be leaner and have less chance of developing heart ailment than those who are overweight. Instead of eating chips that are high on preservatives and sugar, sick to your classic popcorn. Another good thing is popcorn is a whole grain –certainly good for the health.


You have heard of the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This is true for according to research, apples have strong antioxidant flavonoid compounds which play a key role in preventing bad LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and triggering series of events that can result in the formation of plaque in arteries. These compounds are also known to inhibit inflammation. Apples are also rich in pectin, a form of soluble fiber known to help lower cholesterol, and they provide a decent amount of vitamin C, another antioxidant. Studies show that those who frequently eat apples have the lower risk of suffering strokes compared with those who do not eat apples. So when you choose you dessert after lunch or dinner, opt for fresh apples or apple pie for those with sweet tooth. Apple juice is also a refreshing drink that is full of nutrients.

Brown Rice

It’s fun to eat in restos with “unlimited rice” promos, but it’s indeed more fun if these “rice all you can” promos offer brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice is said to contain a natural compound which prevents high blood pressure and heart disease. This type of rice is high in fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients, making it a heart healthy food. Recent research also suggests that there is huge potential for brown rice as a good starting point for looking into preventive medicine for cardiovascular diseases. So for your next lunch date with your friends, try to stir in a few chopped vegetables into your bowl of brown rice to add spice to your daily meals.


Tofu was once only seen in Asian food markets and restaurants. But today, it has become a crowd favourite all over the world. Tofu is known to be tasteless, but surprisingly, it can take on the flavour of its surrounding ingredients, making it a very versatile ingredient. Tofu, when mixed with other vegetables and meat, make it a wiser choice for the health-conscious eaters. It is high in protein, specifically soy protein, which improves one’s cardio vascular system. Recent research shows that regular intake of soy protein lowers total cholesterol, decreases bad cholesterol, and reduces the tendency of platelets to form blood clots. This is definitely good news for those tying to avoid atherosclerosis or diabetic heart disease. Soy protein is a potent nutrient which aids in strengthening your cardio vascular system, leading to a greatly reduced risk of heart disease.


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