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noynoy_cory Who is this man set to be the next president of the Philippines?

When his mother Cory became president, Noynoy was the young man who along with his family survived several coup attempts. One of which resulted in his almost being killed in a shoot-out at the presidential Malacanang Palace in 1987.

One of the five bullets that hit him then is still lodged in his neck. This incident would later on affect his posture, causing people to slight him for his lackluster rapport when he stands before an audience, and the almost awkward swagger he exhibits.

Growing up in the shadow of such admired parents, and controversial sister, Kris – Noynoy has often been the more quiet Aquino.

He earned a degree in economics from the Ateneo de Manila University before joining his family in exile in Boston. After the death of his father Ninoy, he returned to the Philippines and worked in various businesses, one of which was the Central Azucarera de Tarlac in 1993, the sugar refinery owned by the Cojuangco clan.

He was elected to Congress in 1988, winning re-election in 2001 and 2004, and in 2007 won a seat in the Senate.

Detractors often say Noynoy did little to stand out in 12 years as a member of the Congress and the Senate; doubters say he lacks the charisma a Philippine President should exhibit. Some even point out how his IQ fares poorly to that of his father’s.

To which supporters and keen political observers would answer that he has actually served on a wide range of committees, and so is familiar with the issues of governance. As part of the General Opposition, in which his own Liberal Party is also under, the bills he authored sought to dispel corruption.

A House bill Noynoy is proudest of is House Resolution No. 788, which created a Congressional Oversight Committee to check and study the use of intelligence funds by government agencies, thus ensuring that allocated funds are actually used for the purposes they were originally intended for.


As far as charisma is concerned, many who were wounded by presidencies past would answer, look where charisma has brought the Philippines!

Beyond charisma, many political analysts believe that what endeared Noynoy to the majority of Filipinos is the humility he exudes, mostly through actions than spoken words.

Just recently, Aquino announced in Tarlac he would likely take his oath before a village captain instead of before Chief Justice Renato Corona. It can be remembered that Aquino had questioned the appointment of Corona, who formerly served as President Arroyo’s chief of staff and spokesman.

Delia Locsin, a member of the group Negrenses for Noy-Mar based in Bacolod, remarked, “Aquino’s swearing in before the head of the basic political unit of our country shows the humility of the incoming president and symbolizes his being the people’s president.”


As Filipinos await the official proclamation of the new Philippine president on June 30, 2010, optimism is high –

Never mind that we have in our midst an imperfect leader-to-be, but is humble and honest enough to even admit that he is still working on curbing his smoking habits to become a healthier, better example to his countrymen;

Never mind that the president-apparent is a bachelor without a First Lady we Filipinos traditionally equate to a helpmate or pillar in a president’s governance. This at least scratches out the possibility of another “sub-regime” as was exercised by the famed Marcos first lady;

Never mind that the damages seem irreparable, and that the corruption that surrounds him seems to be higher and mightier than the integrity in him could handle. Because in truth, the task of rebuilding our nation is not for one person alone, but for all Filipinos to take part in;

Doubts, qualms and fears notwithstanding, every Juan dela Cruz simply cannot wait to see things turn from gloom to brightness, from a dark shadow of murkiness to a proud Yellow.


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