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Tone Up Your Bikini Bod With CrossFit

Titilaok May 12,2013 0 Comments

Words by: Shiena Iane Bernardino

Workouts are scalable; meaning a beginner and a professional athlete can have the same set of workouts but can vary in their intensity and difficulty levels.

Summer is officially in full blast. Everyone is flocking to the hippest beaches to cool off during the sizzling hot weather. And what is the best accessory this summer? The perfect beach body, of course!

But how can you flaunt your hottest swim wear if there are excess flabs all over your physique?

Don’t fret! There is still hope. You can easily engage in different body sculpting workouts to help you tone your body. One of them is CrossFit, a high intensity fitness program which is starting to get famous nowadays because its fun and challenging workout plan.

So what exactly is CrossFit?
This fitness regime was founded in 2000 by Greg Glassman. It is first and foremost a strength and conditioning workout that targets military special operations units, police trainees, professional athletes, and other individuals who want to be on the top of their game. But nowadays, CrossFit caters to everyone who wants to improve their overall wellbeing and look good by being fit.

What’s fun in this type of program is its fast-paced and constantly changing workouts. In around 20 minutes or less, various movements like rowing, rope climbing, sprinting, jumping rope, lifting weights, tire flipping, and other body weight exercises are combined to make up a workout session, or what they call the “Workout of the Day” or “WODs”. These workouts are scalable; meaning a beginner and a professional athlete can have the same set of workouts but can vary in their intensity and difficulty levels.

Who are eligible to enroll in a CrossFit program?
Though the movements sound like they are designed for Olympians or military personnel, anyone can still join the program, especially if they are:

• Easily bored with the usual routines in conventional gyms;
• Targeting to tone down their abs or lose a few pounds;
• Have very limited time to do any physical activities everyday;
• Training for their chosen sport;
• Reached a plateau in the training program that they are currently into.

Are there any tools needed in a WOD?
Normally, the usual workout equipment is used in one CrossFit session. It includes kettle bells, barbells, dumbbells, gymnastics rings, medicine balls, pull-up bars, as well as boxes with varying heights for box jumping. Some may also use weights or other improvised material to help enhance their workouts.

Are there any disadvantages of joining a CrossFit program?
Since every individual’s preferences vary, it is also important to note that there are some aspects of this program that may make other people run out of the gym’s nearest exit.
The most common reasons why others are not keen on continuing with a CrossFit regime are:

• Uncomfortable with group exercises – There are individuals who would rather do their exercises alone. Since WODs are normally done in groups, those who want the comforts of exercising in their own would back out of CrossFit right away.
• Intensity of the movements – Though a CrossFit trainer could say that the intensity of the workouts could be adjusted according to a person’s capabilities, some of the workouts can actually be too difficult for others. For example, a beginner would find it hard to perform pull-ups compared to those who are already physically fit.
• The sessions can be a bit steep in the pockets – Some might say that joining a CrossFit affiliated gym can make a dent in the bank. After all, WODs does not have to be high tech to begin with. But CrossFit coaches swear that the kind of training they offer are based on a well-researched regiment, which makes the fees all worth it.

CrossFit is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon for fitness enthusiasts. In the Philippines, those who want to experience this fast paced and effective workout program can turn to the Libis and Fort Bonifacio branches of CrossFit Manila to have the body that is fit for summer, or any other seasons for that matter.


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