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A Summer Bum’s Guide for the Upcoming School Year

Titilaok May 12,2013 0 Comments

Words by: Katrina Isabel Tamina

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Imagine how fast time will fly when it’s the most awaited time of the year: your summer vacation. One moment you’re thinking of plans on how to have the most epic summer vacation ever like going to road trips with your friends, getting a part-time job to earn a little moolah, or just laying around the house like a slug, and the next moment, reality will come whacking you in the head reminding you that you only have a week before the start of classes. So to avoid that good ‘ol whack in the head that happens mostly to all of us, here are some tips that will help you get geared up for battle- I mean, school. Right, school.

Make sure you’re actually enrolled in a school.
Well, you couldn’t actually prepare for the upcoming school year when you’re not even enrolled now, could you? Start with the essentials: settle your accounts in school during the provided schedule of enrolment as soon as possible, make sure you have the right uniforms ready, and start buying or borrowing the books from your book list for the upcoming school year. For freshmen or students going to a new school, try to do a little research on your new second home so when classes begin, you’ll have at least a little headstart in this unfamiliar territory. Really, with having these done, you’re a small step away from being a student again.

Don’t go with the flow
Mostly, people start shopping for their things by mid-May, or if they feel like kind of a badass, a week before school starts. Don’t even think about being a badass. Buy your things ahead of everyone else. Apart from getting to avoid the crowd, you would get to have more items to choose from and have less worry for not being able to find what you’re looking for. Remember, this rule just doesn’t apply to Christmas shopping anymore.

Reset your body clock
Time doesn’t exist during summer vacations. It’s hard to tell what day it is or even what time it is when your head falls on your pillow just as the sun rises. As they say, it takes seven days to create a habit and fourteen days to break one. Unless you want to find yourself under the murderous glare of your teacher as you’ve fallen asleep in her most epic story of how X became Y that then resulted to 2 plus tangent, you should start adjusting your body clock back to “school mode.” Just make it a habit to sleep early weeks before the start of school and you’re good to go.

Make a bucket list
Didn’t get to attend a school festival last year? Missed your target grade in a subject by a mere point? You still have brand new school year to make up for it! Make your school year more exciting and fun for yourself by making a bucket list. List all the things you plan to achieve and do in school. And by the end of the year, if you have completed all the things that you have listed, treat yourself to a pint of ice cream or a whole cake. Doing what you plan to do and eating a pint of ice cream as a reward, what type of motivation do you still need?

Enjoy your summer while it lasts

It will be a while before summer graces your schedule again, so as you prepare for the upcoming school year, don’t forget that it’s still your summer vacation and you have every right to enjoy it. Sure, there would be holidays and breaks, but nothing beats a two-month vacation with nothing to do but eat, sleep, eat and maybe be a functioning member of society! So watch the whole Harry Potter movies in one sitting, sleep for twenty-four hours straight, write a novel, or even finish that book you’ve been putting off for a while now before its movie adaptation comes out. Or, if you’re into it – no judgments here – make your vacation actually productive and start reading up on your text books. Whatever floats your boat! Just have fun doing it, because it will be a while again before summer break.


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